N.O.N.E is a multifaceted music publishing & marketing firm founded during the pandemic lockdown of 2020 by Jacobthewilliam & "Jungle Meyers" Dupree. They specialize in creating engaging content as part of their successful campaigns to increase audience growth for their clients [minimum 110% increase]. As well as providing representation amongst industry curators to help build your career on your way toward musical enlightenment.

Jacob Scrubs is my new favorite designer! His ideas are always so modern, inventive, and clever. In addition to being so eye-catching, the material itself is comfortable and durable. As long as they keep up this type of quality, I’ll be a customer for life! LOOOVEE ITTT!!!


Yo! This sh*t is hard! All my homies take notice right away and then they wanna know wheres to get somethin. Jacob Scrubs is such an unknown secret. To be honest, id rather not let the flood gates open on this one. I wear it constantly, and it still looks as dope as the first time I put it on.

Los Angeles, CA

Now if you don't know... Jacob's music is AMAZING! His design ideas are always so modern, inventive, and cleaver. I'm a fan for life! I know my friends get tired of me listening to Jacobthewilliam & wearing Jacobs Scrubs lol. Someday they'll get it."

San Fransisco, CA

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